Hill, Barth & King Associates

Project Info

Client: Hill, Barth & King Associates
Location: Meadville, PA

Project Description

This Hill, Barth & King Associates residential style 2 story structure contains fifteen offices, a basement and typical office common areas. The brick veneer and copper over the bay windows give it a classic look.

An interior finish scheme similar to a residence makes for an inviting atmosphere for this CPA firm to meet with its many clients. The owner bought Associated Contractors Inc. in even before purchasing the land.

Our pre-Construction services enabled the owner to fully detail his needs and wants. Associated Contractors Inc. early involvement with the owner ensured the budget was met before construction started.

Allegheny College Site Renovations

Project Info

Client: Allegheny College Site Renovations
Location: Meadville, PA
Surface Area: 35,000 sq. ft.
Architect: Rolland Towers Landscape

Project Description

This Allegheny College exterior renovation project included demolition of existing walks, curbs, paving and earthmoving operations. 35,000 sq. ft. of brick paving was laid for sidewalks and a new storm water system installed.

Granite copings for seating were brought from North Dakota and large trees planted to give the project instant maturity. Summer classes were in session while the project was completed in less than three months.  In the background, can be seen the Pelletier Library, also built by Associated Contractors Inc. .

Bi-Lo Supermarket

Project Info

Client: Bi-Lo Supermarket
Location: Clarion, PA
Surface Area: 51,455 sq. ft.

Project Description

This 51,455 sq. ft. Bi-Lo supermarket is one of more than 20 Associated Contractors Inc. has built in the last 30 years, not to mention the many others the company has renovated.

Bi-Lo Supermarkets have complex refrigeration, heating, air conditioning and electrical requirements, all of which are closely linked. Often, work must be performed while stores remain in operation.

This store was constructed in the parking lot of an existing Bi-Lo, opened for business, then the old store torn down and parking put in its place.  Even under these constraints, the owner, Penn Traffic Foods was delighted when Associated Contractors Inc. finished on time and within budget.

Tippie Alumni Center

Project Info

Client: Allegheny College
Building: Tippie Alumni Center
Location: Meadville, PA
Architect: Celli-Flynn

Project Description

This Tippie Alumni Center building is Allegheny College’s centerpiece providing a space for the Alumni and the development department. As the plans were developed for this project it became apparent it would require a CM that could manage a complex center of campus project, instill Trust with the Donor and be able to provide a local skilled workforce.

Allegheny College came to Associated Contractors Inc. and negotiated the project. The building was delivered on time, within budget and with quality of workmanship that was not present on previous projects at the College.

The donor, Mrs. Tippie, commented that at “one point the plans were to tear the old building down” but after seeing the finished project she was “thankful that we saved it”.

Wesbury United Methodist Community

Project Info

Client: Wesbury United Methodist Community
Location: Meadville, PA
Surface Area: 30,000 sq. ft.
Architect: Noelker and Hull Associates

Project Description

Wesbury’s new $3.5 million Memory Support Center was built adjacent and is connected via hallway to their existing nursing care facilities. The center is configured into three areas with access/exit controls.

The 30,000 sq. ft., single story wood frame structure houses three brick paved open air courtyards, 2 activity/dining areas, 1 multi-purpose room, a 20 bed skilled care area, a 15 bed assisted living area, an adult day care area, and a covered porte cochere.

The trees in the courtyards were so large a crane had to be used to lift them over the roof. The project was completed in 13 months, and is just one of the many projects Associated Contractors Inc. has completed for one of the largest employers and elderly care providers in western Pennsylvania.

Victor C. Leap Building

Project Info

Client: Victor C. Leap Building
Location: Meadville, PA
Architect: HHSDR

Project Description

Associated Contractors Inc. was hired as the Construction Manager for this high visibility project. The tenant’s schedule dictated a fast-track process.

Accordingly, Associated Contractors Inc. coordinated the design and bidding process so that foundations were poured before the fourth and fifth floors had even been designed.  This fast-track process continued throughout the project as the exterior walls were topped out and interior mechanical design was still on going.

The owner’s tight budget necessitated that the HVAC, electrical, fire protection and plumbing contracts were all selected as design/build. These prime contractors, their designers, and their suppliers had to be coordinated with the other team members while maintaining the schedule.

Associated Contractors Inc. project management systems kept this fast-track process moving smoothly, and the budget under control. The office building is on a busy city street corner with a protected stream running behind the building and under the street.

A new parking garage was also being built adjacent to this building further cramping the construction site. Associated Contractors Inc. field superintendent and project manager coordinated all the parties involved and allocated critical space to meet everybody’s needs.

The streets remained open and the tenant was happy with the protection of the creek all this while building the downtown’s largest new project since Associated Contractors Inc. built the Downtown Mall in 1974.

Vantage Center

Project Info

Client: Vantage Center
Location: Meadville, PA
Surface Area: 60,000 sq. ft.
Architect: R.W. Larson Associates

Project Description

Vantage Center is an exciting ‘green’ concept project that transformed the vacant three-story 60,000 sq. ft. Talon Zipper factory building into a sleek and modern office facility in the heart of Meadville.

An aggressive construction schedule was met even though the project was delayed by lead abatement and extensive DEP permitting and inspection due to excavation on a brown field site.

The office spaces feature an open concept highlighted by large windows that frame a panoramic view of the surrounding town and country. A mix of EIFS and curtain wall create a beautiful and energy efficient exterior finish to the salvaged brick walls.

A new addition with a four-story elevator and open atrium stair well are the crowning feature accenting this Meadville treasure.

Seneca Printing

Project Info

Client: Seneca Printing
Location: Franklin, PA
Surface Area: 53,000 sq. ft.
Architect: Robert C. Frost

Project Description

Printing is a highly specialized industry with very demanding requirements for a manufacturing plant. Heavy machinery, high-volume traffic, and a temperature and humidity controlled environment are necessities that have to be planned for.

Fortunately, Seneca Printing involved Associated Contractors Inc. right from the start of this 53,000 sq. ft. project – and it worked out to everyone’s benefit, according to Randy Hicks, president of Seneca Printing.  “Your staff proved adept at coping with the obstacles and hindrances that inevitably arise during the course of a project of this magnitude, “Hicks said.  “What impressed us most was the way your staff handled these problems with an eye toward Seneca Printing’s total satisfaction.”

This project is a good example of the kind of teamwork Associated Contractors Inc. excels at. We worked closely with the owner, the architect, and printing industry consultants to cover all bases early on.  The coordination was demanding at times, but when you’re able to bring a project in on time, satisfy the customer, and save him money to boot, it makes it all worthwhile.

Salvation Army Retail Store

Project Info

Client: Salvation Army Retail Store
Location: Vernon Township, Meadville, PA

Project Description

Associated Contractors, Inc. had worked for The Salvation Army for many years completing small renovation projects. When the time came for a new building Associated Contractors, Inc. was on the top of the list.

As the Architect was from Northern New York the owner needed not only a general contractor, but a construction manager who could keep the project moving with minimal input from the architect.

Associated Contractors, Inc. finished the project ahead of schedule, managed all changes requested by the owner and solved all drawing discrepancy problems with only one site visit from the architect.

Pine Grove

Project Info

Client: Pine Grove
Building: Ambulatory Surgical Center
Location: Russell, PA
Surface Area: 20,000 sq. ft.
Architect: Burt Hill Architects

Project Description

This 20,000 sq. ft. Pine Grove, Ambulatory Surgical Center new construction completed in an aggressive 12-month schedule features an energy efficient insulated concrete form (ICF) construction. Creatively setting the two-level structure into the side of a hill makes effective use of an otherwise undesirable building site.

A 13” thick slab on deck at the operating rooms prevents any vibrations during surgical procedures. Carefully selected anti-microbial sheet vinyl flooring and epoxy paints create a beautiful yet functional finished face for the state-of-the-art surgical center.