Winter Storms and Your Business

With winter upon us here in northwestern PA, we know that with the winter season comes heavy snowstorms, blowing and drifting snow, treacherous ice and frigid winds. These conditions create hazards when it comes to excessive weight to a building structure. These wintery conditions can also cause structural and/or cosmetic damage, as well as create an unsafe environment in and around the building. While the weather storms are at times unpredictable, we always know that there is a chance from now until March. Knowing how to manage your business during winter storms will help prepare you and save you the hassle and money in the long run.

Know what to look for.

Regardless of where your building is located, these wintery conditions can affect you anywhere. Whether you’re in a downtown location with buildings snug up against yours, or if your building is located in a remote, desolate area, knowing what to keep a lookout for can help you stay safe.

How to manage winter conditions.

There are many issues that could arise due to winter conditions. Excessive snow accumulation can present danger to structures due to the extra weight. Being mindful of the amount of snow building up on your structure is a good place to start. If you aren’t always present at the location, assemble a snow watch and removal crew to keep tabs on the accumulation. Instituting a snow removal plan can help prevent costly damage from occurring.

Another potential danger to be mindful of is the drainage system. Keeping the drains and gutters clear of snow and ice will help ensure they are functioning properly. Another preventative measure is installing heat tape in the gutters and downspouts to avoid ice build-up.

If any damage does occur, it’s imperative to inform your employees and anyone else that could be affected by the damage. Informing your employees allow them to be aware of the situation and to be on the lookout if the problem worsens.

How we can help.

With over 30 years in business in northwestern PA, we at ACI know how to handle the treacherous winter conditions. From excessive snow buildup to backed up drainage and pipe burst prevention, we can lead you through a safe and productive winter season. Contact us today!

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