With Construction Management Services by Associated Contractors Inc. your best interests are expertly represented through every phase of your project. We are responsible for the overall planning, coordinating and controlling of the process from start to finish.

Value for the money spent in construction requires completing a project on time, on budget and at the level of functionality that meets the requested needs. However, when evaluating options, the whole-life value should be considered and not just the short term initial investment.

At Associated Contractors Inc. we look at all factors that affect the long term cost of a facility, such as maintainability, useful service life and resource consumption. This Total Cost of Ownership technology allows for better return-on-investment decisions.

The benefits to be gained by utilizing the Construction Management process with Associated Contractors Inc., include:

  • Provides the lowest qualified project cost. By breaking the project down into smaller packages we are able to receive more bids from qualified local subcontractors
  • Allows for building design input during plan creation. This includes means & methods and building material selection. It is during this phase of a project where the greatest impact on cost can occur
  • Provides for the best possible mechanism to secure local contractor participation
  • Allows the client to select ACI based on our construction expertise, communication skills and problem solving capability. We are your exclusive advocate
  • Provides for the opportunity to “Fast Track” and phase your project to start construction earlier and finish sooner
  • Eliminates conflict of interest since we do not perform design or trade contracting through our workforce