Technology Highlight of the Month | Drones in Construction [Video]

The use of drones in construction has revolutionized the building industry. Learn how ACI uses a construction drone for roof inspections and other tasks.


Hi, I’m George Ray with Associated Contractors, here today because construction is always getting a bad rap about not utilizing technology; we like to do things the way we’ve always done. I wanted to bring some of the technology that we use to you in some short little segments here. Today what we have is a drone. And we use the drone, and here’s your flying portion of the drone, and your controls and your screen of the drone. We started using the drone a couple of years ago and it’s a great tool to allow us to stay on the ground. We are able to inspect roofs with it. I actually did a roof inspection this last week with it, and found out where the leak was, and never left the ground, kept my feet firmly planted. So I just wanted to bring it to you to show you that we are using technology and construction. Thank you; if you have any questions or comments please get a hold of us or check out our website.

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George Ray is the owner of ACI and has been working in the construction industry for over 40 years. George has worked in the field in numerous roles including Laborer, Carpenter, Superintendent, as well as office roles including Estimator, Project Manager, Sales, Controller, VP, and President. He has extensive experience with pre-engineered buildings and design build.

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