ACI Technology of the Month: Total Station


Total stations are a construction technology used to survey and measure the distance between angles. Associated Contractors regularly utilizes total stations for building projects and is a way we incorporate technology on the job site. 

A total station typically sits on a tripod and is used to measure and capture the layout of a site. It allows a one-person layout, and once it is connected to a laptop, any point can be triangulated. Once the construction drawing is uploaded into the laptop, we can identify any point on the construction site. This is done to lay out the corners of your building and locate anchor bolts. It can be used internally to find any point such as the placement of ductwork, the placement of a plumbing pipe, a drain, or just about anything on a construction site. 


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George Ray

George Ray is the owner of ACI and has been working in the construction industry for over 40 years. George has worked in the field in numerous roles including Laborer, Carpenter, Superintendent, as well as office roles including Estimator, Project Manager, Sales, Controller, VP, and President. He has extensive experience with pre-engineered buildings and design build.