Are You Spending Enough on Your Construction Project?

When getting multiple quotes on construction projects, most are drawn to the lowest price. The assumption being made is that all the companies that are providing these quotes will provide the same level of quality, customer service, project management/supervision and communication. While it’s easy to be fixated on the lowest quote, we can easily overlook what may be left out when choosing the lowest price.

Quotes are usually based off of the level of information that is provided for the job. This information could be drawings, existing conditions, communication with the owner, site conditions and specific products desired for the project itself. When receiving the quote, paying attention to how the details are presented is key to knowing who you want to build your project. Look for a quote that is well organized and broken down, has a scope of work included or sketches with details shown. A meeting with each contractor to discuss their project quote is essential. While this isn’t a sure guarantee of a quality project, it can help reduce the chances of a poor one. When wondering if you are spending enough on your construction project, consider the following:

Quality of craftsmanship

A company with trustworthy, skilled and knowledgeable craftsman helps make a project happen smoother and correctly from the beginning of the project through the end. Sometimes, when choosing the extremely low quote, you may end up with corners being cut or poor workmanship that will come back to haunt you. Spending the extra money upfront can help ensure you’ll receive quality craftsmanship from start to finish.

Specifics with materials used

Like with anything else, the quality of the products being installed plays a crucial role in the overall durability and lifespan of the building. Two products can look the same but may have very different life spans and cost. This difference can be due to variations in the thickness of a wearing surface, the type and durability of the finish being used or a better warranty. Having the exact quantities of materials and other elements of the project detailed in a scope of work shows that the estimator knows and understands your project. For example, instead of a quote that calls for a concrete footer, look for the one that has 200 LF of 12” thick 3000 # concrete footer 3’ wide. These small details help ensure that your spending your money wisely and you get what you want the first time.

Timeliness of overall project

A proposed timeline provides specific goals and dates for work to be completed. This helps the client and the contractor stay on the same page and know how to plan accordingly. Having the timeline planned also helps to know the amount of work required by all parties, and the payment terms. If a solid plan isn’t established, the amount of labor could potentially become a financial burden. Having the timeline is a proactive measure to ensure unknowns are cut to a minimum.

When it comes to choosing the best contractor and quote for your project, there’s a lot to take into consideration. From the experience and reputation of the company, timeliness of the quote, the communication and much more. Being knowledgeable about what to look for in your quote is important. Spending enough money on your project helps ensure you are not spending a lot more in the future to fix what wasn’t done correctly the first time. At Associated Contractors we strive to seamlessly guide you through the process, leading you in the right direction for your next project.Contact one of our specialists today to get started.

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