• Project Name: Liberty Street Medical Arts Building

Project Info

Client:   Liberty Street Medical Arts Building
Location:   Meadville, PA
Surface Area: 33,000 sq. ft.
Architect: Burt Hill Kosar Rittelmann

Project Description

This 33,000 sq. ft. Liberty Street Medical Arts office building was attached to an existing older hospital. Floor levels did not line up, and routes from the existing structure had to be modified. Mechanical systems were all separate, a function of the hospital’s desire to sell the offices to the tenants in the future.

Some of the space was not rented at time of contract, and plumbing locations not known. As the project progressed, physicians signed leases and suite design was initiated.

Coordination of details was critical to maintaining the hospitals and doctors schedules. Finally, the hospital’s national accreditation review, held every three years, was underway during construction.

Both Associated Contractors Inc., and the hospital’s extensive safety programs routinely came under strenuous third party inspection. Both repeatedly were successful and the hospital received a favorable review from the accreditation agency.